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Charlotte Doll- Pink

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Elevate your child's playtime experience with the exquisite Alimrose Charlotte Doll. Handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail, this doll is a testament to quality and charm. 

Beautifully Handcrafted: Each Alimrose Charlotte Doll is meticulously handmade, ensuring impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the carefully stitched features to the intricately designed outfit, this doll is a true work of art that will captivate your child's imagination.

Finest Quality: We understand the importance of providing toys that are safe and durable. The Alimrose Charlotte Doll is crafted using high-quality materials, making it not only soft to the touch but also long-lasting. You can trust that this doll will withstand hours of playtime and remain a cherished companion for years to come.

Soft Tulle Fabric: The Alimrose Charlotte Doll features a delightful outfit made with soft tulle fabric, adding an extra touch of elegance and whimsy. The delicate texture of the fabric enhances the sensory experience, providing a tactile and comforting feel during playtime or cuddles.

Mini Bag for Treasured Possessions: This doll comes with a mini bag, allowing your child to carry their favorite small treasures wherever they go. It encourages organizational skills and imaginative play, as the doll and bag become a duo of adventure and secret-keeping.

Intended for Ages 3 and Up: