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Penguin Random House

Every Cowgirl Needs Dancing Boots

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What does a cowgirl need when throwing a barnyard bash? 

some pink lemonade, a little music, and brand-new dancing boots. 

but more than all of that, every cowgirl needs a friend. 

Written by Rebecca Janni, Illustrations by Lynne Avril.

Nellie Sue is back with brand-new dancing boots and her usual cowgirl flair. She knows that dancing would be more fun with friends, but her new neighbors, the Glitter Girls, would rather pirouette and twirl than hoedown. Nellie decides to throw a Barnyard Bash and invite the whole neighborhood. With her big imagination, Nellie transforms her garage into the perfect place to do-si-do. Soon everyone is joining in, but could a slip, a trip, and a slide cause her big bash to be a big messy flop?