Plant-Based, Bug Shy Blend
The Ultimate Outdoor Skin Experience

• 20% Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil*, 8% Soybean Oil* and 5% Geraniol help to inhibit uninvited guests
• No Synthetic Fragrances Used

Use as a base summer moisturizer when the bugs are biting. Our powerfully scented formula keeps the bugs away with 20% Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 8% Soybean Oil and 5% Geraniol. This unique moisturizing formula will soften and soothe abused summer skin with Jojoba and Hemp Oil, Chamomile and Calendula. 

 *Patio Oil is a semi-solid oil. Please use only a small amount. It should soak into the skin quickly. If it takes too long to sink into skin you are using too much! Less is more!

Do not use on children under 3.

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